Megan Robinson

Managing Editor

Megan graduated from Virginia Tech in 2015 with a degree in finance and a concentration in financial planning. Her dream has always been clear: to provide financial education and resources to as many people as possible.

After working in corporate America for a few short years upon graduation, Megan struck out on her own to see what the “laptop lifestyle” was all about. That’s when she met Ben and Jeff.

From the get-go, Megan realized that they shared the same dream of making personal financial information easy and accessible to all.

Since then, Megan has become a Certified Money Coach (CMC)® where she works one on one with clients at Goodbye to Broke to help them understand their money stories and develop healthy money behaviors.

Megan has been quoted in several online publications, including Parade, Citi, Finder, Discover Bank, Girlboss, Best Company, U.S. News & World Report, Credit Karma, Chime Bank, NAFE, Quicken Loans, Business Insider, and The Points Guy.

Outside of work, Megan enjoys hiking and playing fetch with her dog, Benny, cozying up with a good book at a hole-in-the-wall cafe, and studying and teaching the lessons of yoga and mindfulness.

Behind the Scenes of My First Year in Business

Megan officially took her business full-time 10 months ago! In today’s update, she shares where it’s been over the last year, what her business looks like today (revenue, revenue projections, and hours she’s working), and her goals and plans for the rest of 2023.

Megan Robinson 15 May

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S2 EP9: Building a $10,000 Etsy Shop in 4 Hours a Week with Julie Berninger

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Megan Robinson 17 Apr

S2 EP8: Army of One: Building a Lean, Profitable Business as a Solopreneur with Whitney Hansen

Today’s guest is Whitney Hansen. Whitney is a financial coach and business mentor who I’m a financial coach who helps ambitious people manage their cash flow, pay off debt, work towards their goals, and live life on their own terms. Whitney started her business in 2010. After working two jobs to pay off her $30,000…

Megan Robinson 10 Apr

S2 EP7: From Music Teacher to Making $30,000 per Month Online with Gillian Perkins

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S2 EP6: How Keldie Ran a Successful Online Business without a Website or Social Media

Today’s guest is Keldie Jamieson, founder of the OBM Leadership Academy. Keldie’s career as an online business manager began in 2010 when she realized she could leverage her experience in project management and operations to build a location-independent business. After struggling to find ideal clients for a year, she took the Certified Online Business Manager®…

Megan Robinson 27 Mar

S2 EP5: How Rob and Melissa Earn $100,000+ Per Year Reselling Items Online

Today’s guests are Rob and Melissa Stephenson, co-founders of Flea Market Flipper. Rob comes from a family of flippers, and he started his own reselling side hustle when he was just 16 years old. When he and Melissa realized they were about to have three kids under three with no health insurance, they decided to…

Megan Robinson 20 Mar

S2 EP4: Growth Isn’t Always Linear: How Emma Grew Her Writing Agency to $70,000 per Year

Today’s guest is Emma Sloan. Emma is a full-time content creator in her business, The Wee Writer, where she and her team provide customized copywriting and editing services to small and medium-sized businesses. Emma started her business in 2015 when she was still in university. She was in need of part-time income with flexible hours…

Megan Robinson 13 Mar

S2 EP2: How One Savvy Couple Makes $500,000 Per Year Blogging in Their 30s

Today’s guest is Kelan Kline. Kelan is one-half of The Savvy Couple, a family finance blog that makes learning how to manage your money approachable, fun, and easy to understand. Kelan founded The Savvy Couple in 2016, and the personal finance blog that started as a side hustle has now grown to a $500k/year business,…

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