Capital One Shopping Review: What We Love (and Hate) About It

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Capital One Shopping is a browser extension that helps you find relevant and working coupon codes for things you purchase online. It's free to use and will generally save you some percentage off each purchase you make online.

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I suffer from a common shopper’s conundrum: I love finding ways to save money, but I hate shopping around for the best deal.

In the past, every time I would get ready to check out online, I’d open a new tab and type “[SITE NAME] coupon codes” into Google. Sometimes I’d search through pages of deals only to find that none of them worked.

Eventually, I stopped trying. But then every purchase came with a twinge of guilt because, I thought, “I could be spending more money than I need to. What if there’s a deal I don’t know about?”

That’s why when I heard of Capital One Shopping (formerly Wikibuy) in 2017, I immediately looked it up and added the browser extension. I was beyond excited for a tool that could help me save money with little to no effort on my part.

Like any app, Capital One Shopping has its pros and cons. But more than three years later, it’s still the online shopping companion I rely on the most.

Note: Capital One Shopping compensates us when you sign up for Capital One Shopping using the links we provided.

What Is Capital One Shopping?

In short, Capital One Shopping is a free coupon and rewards app. It’s available to everyone; you don’t need a Capital One account to use it. Capital One Shopping comes in two primary forms: a browser extension (available for Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Microsoft Edge), and a mobile app.

The Austin, TX-based company was founded in 2014 and acquired by Capital One in 2018. Capital One Shopping currently has millions of members who, according to the site, have collectively saved over $50 million using the tool.

Is Capital One Shopping Safe?

Capital One Shopping was trusted by hundreds of thousands of users before 2017, but its membership has grown significantly over the last few years.

The browser extension, like similar programs, will collect data on your search and shopping history as well as personal and non-personal information. According to their privacy policy, that includes your:

  • User-provided information,
  • Retail account log-in credentials,
  • Social media data,
  • Payment information,
  • Transaction data,

as well as other information.

But according to Capital One’s Opt Out Privacy Notice, they don’t share your information for other affiliate or non-affiliate companies to market to you.[1] In other words, you won’t have to worry about signing up for Capital One Shopping and suddenly being bombarded with marketing emails from companies you’ve never heard of.

Capital One Shopping also has a strong rating on Trustpilot of 4.6 out of 5 stars and an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau. All in all, these are strong indicators that Capital One Shopping is a safe and trustworthy tool.

How Does Capital One Shopping Work?

Capital One Shopping comes with several handy features, including Amazon price comparison, automatic coupons, and rewards credits for online shopping.

Receive automatic rewards and coupons

The easiest and probably the most common way to use Capital One Shopping is for automatic coupons and gift card credits. You’ll need to add the browser extension in order to access this feature.

Once you have the extension, any time you’re shopping on sites that offers coupons or credits with Capital One Shopping, you’ll get a helpful pop-up notification at checkout.

When I was shopping for groceries and makeup on Vitacost, Capital One Shopping offered me 4% rewards credit and found 10 coupon codes to try out.

CapitalOne Shopping Coupon Popup on Vitacost

When you click the button for coupons, Capital One Shopping will scan through each one automatically to see which gives you the best deal.

CapitalOne Shopping Trying Coupon Codes on Vitacost

Once the coupon or credit is applied, you’ll get another friendly pop-up that tells you whether or not any of the coupons worked, how much you saved, and when your credit will be available in your Capital One Shopping account.

CapitalOne Shopping Savings on Vitacost

Reviewer’s take: This is the Capital One Shopping feature that I use most often. I love that it’s zero effort on my part. I tend to forget that I have Capital One Shopping until I get one of these notifications at checkout letting me know there’s money to be saved. If you’re all about taking the path of least resistance to save money, then this will probably be your favorite feature, too.

Get a lower price on Amazon

This Amazon-specific feature searches the web to make sure you’re getting a good deal or if another merchant or site has a better price.

When you’re shopping on Amazon and click on an item, you’ll see a Capital One Shopping button under the price that indicates whether or not there is a better price available for that product. If another merchant or retailer is selling the same item for less, then you’ll see a green Capital One Shopping button with the amount you can save elsewhere.

When you click it, the button will redirect you to Capital One Shopping site where you can see the offer and claim your savings.

CapitalOne Shopping Best Price Feature on Amazon

Reviewer’s take: This feature is great when it works. However, sometimes Capital One Shopping misses a beat. It may direct you to the homepage of a seller if the deal has expired, which can be confusing. Or sometimes you’ll find that the item is out of stock with the other merchant.

If something like this happens, you can let Capital One Shopping know back on the site. When you click the green button on Capital One Shopping to claim your deal, you’ll get a helpful pop-up that asks “Was this a good result?” Even if you didn’t get the deal you expected, you can inform Capital One Shopping and help improve the experience for the next user.

View your watchlist for price drops

This is another Amazon-specific feature. If you’ve found an item you like with a price you don’t, you can click the white “W+” button to add it to your watchlist.

CapitalOne Shopping Watchlist Feature

Capital One Shopping will track the price for that item — on Amazon and at other retailers — for 60 days and let you know if the price drops or if it finds a better deal.

Capital One Shopping also tracks your history for products you view across multiple sites. At any time, you can visit your watchlist in your account to see if the price has dropped on any of your recently-viewed items. You can clear your history under Account Settings > Clear my product history.

Reviewer’s take: I’ve found the watchlist feature very useful, especially if you’re shopping for something you don’t need right away. For example, if I’m browsing and I find something that would make a great Christmas or birthday present for someone, then I’ll add it to my watchlist and buy it when the price drops.

You can also click the Capital One Shopping extension icon in your browser to view the product’s price history for up to the last 365 days.

Redeem Capital One Shopping credits for gift cards

Whenever you redeem an offer with Capital One Shopping, it’ll show up as a “credit” in your account. So if you make a $100 purchase with 5% reward, you’ll receive $5 in Capital One Shopping credit. For most offers, you’ll see your rewards within 7 days.

You can redeem your credit in exchange for free gift cards to places like Walmart, Lowe’s, Sephora, and Wayfair. Some gift cards start at $5, but others require a minimum of $10 or $25 to cash out.

CapitalOne Shopping Redeem Credits

Reviewer’s take: While Capital One Shopping offers a good selection of gift cards, it’s missing some key features that similar sites have. For one, you’re not able to sort gift cards by cash-out amount. The only way to see how much credit you need to redeem a gift card is to click on each individual retailer.

Secondly, though the options are good, they’re fairly limited. While other rewards sites offer gift cards to dozens or even hundreds of retailers, Capital One Shopping currently has around 37 options, and Amazon isn’t one of them.

Other Capital One Shopping Features

You may not use these features as often, but they’re convenient when you do.

Product search

If you already know what you want to buy, you can search for it directly on Capital One Shopping or by clicking the browser extension and typing in the search box.

CapitalOne Shopping Product Search

Your search will take you to Capital One Shopping’s website where you can filter options by price and brand. The search feature also works on mobile, which is debatably more convenient than the online search tool. If you’re already shopping in-store, use the Capital One Shopping app on your phone to scan the barcode. Capital One Shopping will search other retailers and let you know if there’s a better price available.

Reviewer’s take: This feature is especially useful if you’re shopping in-store or if you already know the specific item you want and you’re looking for a low price. It’s less practical if you’re browsing and need to filter by style, color, size, or material, as these sorting options aren’t available on Capital One Shopping.

I rarely use this feature myself, mostly because I rarely know exactly what I’m looking for until I find it. And at that point, I either use Capital One Shopping to look for coupon codes or add it to my watchlist.

Featured offers

When you log in to your Capital One Shopping account, you’ll see featured and trending deals from some of Capital One Shopping’s most popular retailers.

CapitalOne Shopping Featured Offers

Reviewer’s take: I don’t pay much attention to this section myself. You probably won’t do much shopping directly from your Capital One Shopping dashboard, but it’s a convenient way to explore deals and discover new brands.

Local deals

Shopping online isn’t the only way to save money with Capital One Shopping. On the dashboard of your account, if you scroll past the featured and trending deals, you’ll see a “Local Offers” section. You can earn 4% or more in loyalty credits for shopping at local businesses.

In order to take advantage of local deals, you’ll need to link your credit or debit card to your Capital One Shopping account. Whenever you make a qualifying purchase at participating local retailers, you’ll receive an automatic credit, similar to shopping online with Capital One Shopping; you can exchange your credits for gift cards through your Capital One Shopping portal.

Reviewer’s take: Depending on your location, there might not be many local deals available. I live in a college town and there are only two restaurants in my “local deals,” neither of which I’m familiar with.

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Mobile price comparison

If you’re shopping on Amazon from your phone and need a price check, you can text the product to Capital One Shopping. They’ll send you a text back with a link to compare prices at other retailers.

Reviewer’s take: Admittedly, this feature is a little clunky. Capital One Shopping’s price comparison tools work best on a desktop, but if you’re on the go and need to compare prices quickly, it can come in handy.

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How Much Does Capital One Shopping Cost?

All of Capital One Shopping’s features are 100% free. There are no premium offerings, monthly fees, or additional charges to you for using the platform.

Capital One Shopping does collect your personal information and browsing history, though, and the company may use this information to provide you with additional ads and offers.

Capital One Shopping Pros and Cons

Overall, Capital One Shopping’s pros outweigh the cons. Click “Show more” in the box for the full list:

Free Price Free browser extension and mobile app.
DollarSprout Rating Easy, automatic savings.

CapitalOne Shopping (formerly Wikibuy) offers multiple easy ways to save money, including online coupons, reward credits that can be exchanged for free gift cards, price comparison tool, and price drop tracking. When you add the browser extension, you'll get automatic notifications for deals on sites you visit. Save money with a single click.

Show Hide more


  • Completely free
  • Easy to add (and remove)
  • Convenient ways to save money with minimal effort
  • Safe and secure
  • Desktop and mobile versions


  • Gift card options are limited
  • Tracks your online activity and transaction history
  • “Best price” feature isn’t always accurate

Who Should Use Capital One Shopping?

As a Capital One Shopping user since 2017, I don’t see myself moving away from the platform any time soon. It’s an easy, low-effort way to save money on the things I’d be buying anyway, like makeup from Vitacost or a rug on The money I save with Capital One Shopping is money I know I wouldn’t have saved otherwise, because I don’t like manually searching a hundred sites for a coupon code that works.

If you’re someone like me who loves the idea of saving money but doesn’t want to search every site looking for a good deal, then Capital One Shopping is probably a good fit for you. With Capital One Shopping, there’s no searching, just saving.


CapitalOne Shopping Logo



swagbucks logo

Browser extension Browser extension Browser extension
Automatically applies coupon codes at checkout Coupon codes are applied at checkout Notifies you of sales, coupon codes, and cash back
4.9/5 stars on Chrome store 4.8/5 stars on Chrome store 4/5 stars on Chrome store

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Megan Robinson

Hi! I'm Megan. I'm a personal finance enthusiast on a mission to help millennial men and women understand and make more money. Along with writing and editing content, I work one-on-one with individuals as a financial and behavioral money coach.

Mary B
Mary B

I have read your review of the Capital One Shopping extension and am convinced that it is something I want to try. One question; I’m afraid that, initially, I will not trust it and will do my own coupon code search anyway. How likely is it that I will occasionally come across savings that Capital One missed?

Hi, Mary — I can absolutely relate to this fear! When I first started using Capital One Shopping, I would do this exact thing. What I found is that I was spending hours of cumulative time looking for coupon codes that the extension may have missed, but I never found better codes than what Capital One Shopping had in their system.

That’s not to say it isn’t possible! But I eventually decided that the extension does a really good job of finding codes, and it wasn’t worth my time trying to look elsewhere.

I also like to use the Rakuten and Honey browser extensions, just in case they have codes that are different from Capital One. But in my experience 9 times out of 10, Capital One Shopping has the best discount.

Hope that helps!

JoAnne T.
JoAnne T.

Hi Megan, thank you for your review. What stops me from signing up for Capital One Shopping is that they collect data on my payment information. I don’t like that, they collect everything else, they need to know that too? No thanks. Any privacy we might have had is long gone. Thanks for your writing, you’re very good at it.

Deb P.
Deb P.

I agree with Joanne. I do not see a response to her concern.

Hey JoAnne and Deb!

So, payment information is a bit ambiguous in this context — technically speaking, they collect payment information if/when you opt to use their CLO offers (card-linked offers).

Meaning, if you used a card linked to your COS account, and make a purchase at a participating retailer, even if you’re not using the app and/or browser extension, it will award you credit within your COS account.

This is not a mandatory feature and is actually an opt-in-based feature (meaning you’re not enrolled at sign-up unless you elect to enroll).

Hope that helps clarify!


Just now learning about Capitol One Shopping (COS)!

  • Q1: If I’m shopping on Amazon but COS doesn’t show a lower price, will I be eligible to “earn” points on COS, and use my Amex Blue Card to get 20% Cash Back on my Amazon purchases?
  • Q2: Can I use Rakuten to get Cash Back and COS to earn COS points simultaneously; or is it either/or?
  • Q3: If I do #2, will I be able to use my Rakuten credit card’s price protection feature?
  • Q4: If I find a lower price on another site, can I inform COS, so I can buy at the lower-priced store and also earn COS points?

I can answer one of your questions. I know that Rakuten will not let you stack discounts. You can only use it by itself.

Cecilia S.
Cecilia S.

I’ve been reading these comments and just want to say – you’re one serious shopper! You cover all your bases – pretty awesome.


Could you provide tips for searching for a better price on Capitol One Shopping? For example, I get “two hits” when searching for the best price on a specific product (e.g., a specific brand and model of a product in a specific color), but when I use COS’ “broad categories” (e.g., clothing and price range, and possibly brand), I get “100’s of hits” – too much effort to rummage through them all.


#1. How would COS “act” with Rakuten already installed?

#2. If both COS and Rakuten are installed on my laptop, what will happen at checkout? Do they “fight” with each other like Honey used to do?

Thanks for posting this article and pointing out useful suggestions and tools to the “elder” generation!


I’ve been using Capital One Shopping for a couple of months now. Apparently, I should keep a notebook near my computer to keep track of which purchases I used it for. So far, I haven’t had any cashback show up. More than a little disappointed, as I was looking for an alternative to Rakuten.

Hey Annette!

Capital One Shopping works by finding you coupons prior to your purchase (like Honey, if you’ve used that before). The browser extension will search the web and find coupons — it will then automatically apply them 1 by 1 at checkout to see which one saves you the most money (and then uses it pre-purchase).

That said, if/when you shop at a partner retailer, you can also hit the “Okay” button when prompted by your browser and it will activate COS Rewards (it will also work on local purchases if you link a card to COS). You can then redeem your rewards points for gift cards to many of your favorite establishments.


Does it track all of my online activities or only the sites for shopping?

Hey Richard —

According to their privacy policy, Capital One Shopping may “use cookies and other online tracking devices such as pixel tags and clear GIFs (also known as web beacons) to collect Online/Mobile Activity Data from you depending on your browser settings. Cookies are small text files that a website’s server places on your computer. Cookies provide a means for websites that you visit to track browsing activities conducted with your computer.”

Long story short, they use browser cookies, like most tools/sites on the web, to track the websites you visit (so they can enable/find deals on partner sites when you visit them). This isn’t new across the web, as most sites you visit use them, but if you value absolute privacy/would prefer them to not know, then you wouldn’t want to use the tool.

Hope that helps!


Can I cancel this discount program at any time? If so, will there be a problem with my browser? At checkout can I pay with any credit card?

For sure — there’s no membership fee per se, so cancelling is as simple as ceasing to use it. You can also uninstall the browser extension so it no longer appears on your device. You’re welcome to use any card at checkout. 🙂

Candis Hansen
Candis Hansen

I loved Capital One Shopping until they gave me not one but two gift cards with $0. Then they told me that I must have used them. I still love the codes they automatically put in. But, I am super disappointed about the gift cards.

Sherry Branch
Sherry Branch

When I find what I want on Amazon, I know that there will be no shipping costs. When Capital One finds a better price, are shipping costs figured into it?

They are not — they’ll find and automatically apply coupon codes all over the web, but shipping costs are often added afterwards and/or they’re added after a cart is finalized.

Raymond B Normandeau
Raymond B Normandeau

I am dissuaded by terms of:
“In order to take advantage of local deals, you’ll need to link your credit or debit card to your Capital One Shopping account. ”
“Retail account log-in credentials, ”

If they had a security breach, things could go badly.

Certainly. That said, Capital One is one of the largest financial institutions in the world. Not trusting them to keep your information safe is tantamount to not using banks because something bad could happen. Privacy is super important, and not letting personal information get leaked is a huge ethical (and fiduciary) responsibility for them — this isn’t to say a leak couldn’t happen (see Equifax), and your risk is never zero, just wanted to highlight their track record.

John M Devaney
John M Devaney

Does the use of the Capitol One Shopping browser extension impact your ability to return the purchased item directly to the seller?

Nope — the browser extension merely finds manufacture (or third-party) coupons, if they exist, and applies them to your cart at checkout. It has no bearing on returns!

Marjorie Beardall
Marjorie Beardall

Does using this affect the return policy? Can I still return things to Kohls?

Nope! It has no bearing on the return policy — the extension merely finds discounts/coupons before checkout!

Walter L.
Walter L.

Reached out to Capital One and the rep said: “Capital One Shopping will identify purchases made in the last 30 days based on shipping and order confirmation emails found in your mailbox.”

Their email also says: “We safely scan your inbox for receipts.”

Yeah. So basically, they’ll scan your email inbox to save you a few bucks. If you value money above your privacy, then go for it – but just don’t go whining about big corps being greedy, selling your data, getting spam/scam calls and emails, security breaches, and hoarding all the wealth, etc.


I’d like to give this service a try but your comment that they track “retail account log-in credentials” scares me. I’ve already been a victim of identity theft so I’m not keen on anyone else knowing my usernames and passwords (that could then lead to more of my personal info). Is that what this phrase means? Thanks.

Cecilia S.
Cecilia S.

I can’t find anywhere information on returns…are they free and easy like Amazon Prime?

COS merely helps you find the best discount codes online should they exist. It doesn’t impact returns and those are done however the brand would normally accept them.

Candice Fleszar
Candice Fleszar

I’m checking Capital One Shopping as an option for an item found on Amazon. On Amazon, I get the product for $46 (with shipping). Via Capitol One, it says “$36.59” but I’m actually paying “$54.07” (with shipping) on the spot with $17.48 estimated Capital One Shopping rewards. Just want to verify that using this deal means I actually pay MORE on the spot, then the discount comes in the form of rewards I use after I’ve accumulated enough to get a gift card to one of their selected partners. Is that correct or did I miss how this worked? Thanks!


I believe your interpretation is correct, and it’s worth noting that there can be a pretty lengthy delay before the rewards are available. (My guess is that they wait until the return window for the item has closed so that you can’t buy a bunch, snag the gift cards, and then return the items.) I’ve found it helpful to take the “buy now for more but get rewards back” to be worth it in a few cases, like when I bought an expensive All-Clad pot. There was a pretty consistent sale price that would occasionally be offered, but after a year of watching, I never saw any better deals. With the rewards, I was able to get it for $10 more than the typical sale, but I got $28 when the rewards were finally applied.


I have the extension. It pops up all the time even when I don’t need it (but sometimes it doesn’t pop up when I do). How do I get it to scan manually?

Wendy Oser
Wendy Oser

Will it work when I am using Safari Private Window?

I believe so. Safari private windows still have extension support so it should still work.


Am I right in assuming the lower prices COS finds will not include shipping costs? A price lower than Amazon’s might end up costing me more without Amazon’s free shipping.

That’s correct. If you have Prime, there’s a chance the item could ultimately be cheaper when incorporating the “free” shipping. Now that the price of Prime is raising, though, it depends on how much you use it. If you shop Amazon a lot, it may well still be worth it. If not, you may find better luck using COS and paying for shipping if the item warrants it.


Once install the browser extension can it be deleted?

Absolutely, every browser will have instructions on how to uninstall an extension if you’re unhappy with it. 🙂


I have a ton of pending rewards. I am fearful that they won’t actually process as I can’t find a list of the available rewards ANYWHERE; I can’t even access them through the app/browser/website without the rewards being in the bank. Would you happen to have a list of offers available?

Lana Moon
Lana Moon

I don’t expect you to “reply” to this but it seems to me that if you had current lists of the websites where Capital One Shopping can be used, then you might not require so much personal information from the customer/consumer. Believe me, when you’ve had your identity stolen, it affects you every time you shop online and for me, the risk isn’t worth it!

Hey Lana,

Capital One actually has a list on their website with all their partners. It’s constantly changing, and there’s no plausible way for us to keep track of who is added and removed from the list, so I’ll drop the list here in case you were interested in looking for a particular store!,all%20stores


I was hoping you would include the things you hate about it. After all, it’s the title of the article, right? I’m as interested to know what would bug me most, as I am about the pros. Good info though. Thank you.

Hey Amanda!

In the reviewer’s take section under each section, Megan shares the things she dislikes about a particular feature (if applicable). They’re maybe a little too hard to notice, but let us know if you can’t find them and we’ll make them more prominent!

Thanks for the feedback,


Are Capital One Shopping credits available as cash back or must they be used only for gift cards?

Just gift cards, unfortunately!


I have used them for years, but what I don’t like is that it’s up to the merchants to follow through with credits earned. I have pending transactions from months ago where I will never earn credits. Walmart is good for doing it sometimes and others are not. I have over $1000 in purchases with them and nothing. I do like that the gift cards are delivered immediately and are ready for use. I don’t like that it keeps my payment information on file, and that if I make purchases on my phone, that I have to go through their app to get credit.

Who remembers to go to their app 1st prior to making a purchase? It’s an extra step you don’t remember to take, which is unfortunate because I now seem to buy everything using my phone when I’m on the go.


I use Capital One shopping at times, but I find that Rakuten is a much better service. The Rakuten rewards are often the same or higher, although sometimes lower. More important to me, however, is that Rakuten sends me a check every quarter. I strongly prefer getting cash back rather than having to choose one of the gift cards offered by Capital One. Just my opinion.


The one thing I like about Amazon Prime is the free refund policy. Do any other apps, like Capital One Shopping, offer that?

Capital One Shopping isn’t a supplier or wholesaler like Amazon, for example (they’re not selling you the products directly). So they aren’t responsible for returns. COS merely helps you find coupons and cash back deals on popular participating merchant sites — think Amazon, Walmart, etc. Purchases made through Capital One Shopping don’t impact the return policy of the merchant you bought from. 🙂

Marnie Fischer
Marnie Fischer

When I click on Capital One Shopping to add it to Chrome, what does the message mean when it says it can read and change all the data on all your websites? Is this something I should be concerned about?

This required permission is actually quite common among browser extensions (nearly all of them).

It sounds intimidating, but the above article is a great reference if you want to learn more.


I signed up for Capital One shopping in early 2021. I’ve never received any points or rewards since I joined even though I’ve made several purchases. My account is empty. In reading through the instructions more carefully, it says “do not leave the site until your purchase is complete”. Well, I pay for all my purchases wherever using PayPal which requires moving to PayPal to pay and moving back to the merchant to complete the purchase. When I questioned support about this, their reply was “we don’t have anything to do with Capital One credit cards, we only support Capital One Shopping”. I guess I won’t be using COS anymore.

Anderson Jumper
Anderson Jumper

What number did you contact for Capital One Shopping support?

Anderson Jumper
Anderson Jumper

I have been using Capital One Shopping (COS) for over a year now and like it so far. Recently upon searching for a vacation, I get a pop-up from COS and it says that I can get 23% off my purchase (after my stay) if I book via Priceline.

From there I went to Priceline and sure enough, it showed me that instead of my room costing $646 a night it would be $464 a night (I know that’s not 23%, but that’s what it calculated and showed). My question is, will this be a statement credit that I would apply for after my trip or is this actually a “reward” to where I purchase gift cards with the amount saved?

Rosena Turman
Rosena Turman

Why does COS have to have a personal credit card to redeem reward points for gift cards?

You don’t need to have a personal credit card on file in order to redeem points for rewards/gift cards. The only time you’ll need to provide one is if you’d like to take advantage of local deals.


Hi all! I’ve been using Capital One Shopping for several years now and the only issue I’ve ever run into is purchases not being credited to my account. Unfortunately, they are usually the big 30% reward offers. It’s happened at Walmart, Sam’s, and La Colombe Coffee, to name a few.

I always save a screenshot of the purchase with the discount visible and they’ve always honored the advertised offer (which is great).

I use the Brave browser with all shields turned off, so I’m unsure why the purchases occasionally don’t track. As a side note, the gift card selection is being reduced. Walmart, Sam’s, and Home Depot have disappeared in the last month.


I see in my account I have earned over $70 in rewards but only have $13 available. Do rewards expire over time? If so, how long are rewards available for use before they slip out of availability?

Perhaps you’re conflating the $70 in rewards with their Lifetime Savings total? This figure is derived by COS including price comparison differences, coupon savings, and Shopping rewards into a single (large) figure.

Your available rewards are reflective of how much you can exchange for a gift card once the proper threshold is met.

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